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Every Wednesday Jeff Widmann owner of Team Rhino Outdoors and Brad/Carrie Hoppe who own Musky Mayhem Tackle discuss the world of musky fishing along with the occasional guest who will talk about anything else that swims.

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Wednesday Mar 20, 2024

Join us for an enlightening panel discussion in this engaging episode of the Backlash Podcast, where our seasoned guests reveal their wisdom on Musky fishing in Wisconsin. Replete with tales from the waters and practical tips, our expert panelists share their experiences, tricks, and research tactics for a successful Musky hunt. From optimizing your fishing time to acing weather patterns, discover everything about Musky fishing in this rewarding episode.
We bring to you the thrilling experiences of celebrated anglers and their remarkable journey in mastering different lakes, versatility in methods, and their memorable catches. The spotlight also shines on the latest fishing gear in the market, shedding light on the importance of resilience, patience, and insightful strategies. Be prepared for an episode full of enthralling stories and fishing insights that promises to entertain, educate and inspire you!
Our passion-driven panel of musk fishing enthusiasts dive deep into the methods and products that guarantee the catch of the big ones. Discussing a range of baits and custom lures, adjustable weights and more - learn how to effectively rake in a significant catch. Engage in the captivating debate of clear vs stained water, the obsession with size, and the essence of appreciating each chase and catch, regardless of their size.
We bring to the limelight the significance of hiring guides while fishing in unfamiliar water bodies, and throw light on the role of patience, persistence, and respect for the sport. Know why every musk is a prize catch, irrespective of its size, in this insightful episode.
In this exceptional episode of Backlash Podcast, we have an honest conversation about musky fishing, social media's role, and what truly matters. Highlighting the enjoyment of the personal journey and the success behind every musky catch, our panelists puncture the myth that size determines success. Offering a profound look at guiding and filming experiences and the unrealistic expectations set by media portrayal, this episode challenges popular fishing norms.
Dive deep into personal stories, experiences, and insights from our panel of seasoned pros. Each share their preferences on prime fishing locations, tackling the realities of musky fishing, and true success. This engrossing episode brings to you the intricate nuances of musky fishing, offering a ringside view of the thrilling world of this challenging sport.

Wednesday Mar 13, 2024

Embark on an immersive journey with our live discussion from the Minnesota Muskie Expo in this podcast episode. Listen in to our friendly chatter about the pleasant weather and phenomenal turnout. Get acquainted with your fishing guides and explore their skilled expertise as we traverse from Leech Lake to Detroit Lakes. Tune in as our panel of seasoned fishermen delve into the complexities of changing fishing seasons, clear cisco-based lakes and impact of weather trends. Gain invaluable insights on essential fishing strategies, bait selection, trolling techniques and other tips to make your fishing trip a remarkable experience. Listen as our guests recount invigorating tales of their past fishing triumphs and expectations for the rapidly evolving fishing patterns, drawing on years of practice. Learn how to counter the effects of harsh weather changes, understand the approaches to explore a lake for the first time and stand out in the competitive world of open water fishing. Delve into expert conversations about the practical usage of leaders in fishing and the insightful commentary on effective sonar strategies. However, the anglers caution listeners about the challenges of depending solely on these techniques. Additionally, our guests recollect their treasurable catches from previous seasons that highlight the enchanting allure of fishing. This episode serves as a guide for both novice and experienced anglers on how to enhance their fishing experience amidst fluctuating weather and water conditions. From personal gear preferences to tactics for luring fish, these seasoned anglers share invaluable tips and strategies. Learn the art of reading your electronics and smart tactics for high-pressure times in smaller lakes. Further, listen to the engaging discussion on timing and barometer readings for strategic fishing, as well as the importance of innovative bait design. Discover how to outsmart competition on popular lakes and enhance your fishing skills. Embark on your next fishing expedition armed with these expert tips for reeling in your greatest catch yet.

Episode 261 - Rich Reinert

Wednesday Mar 06, 2024

Wednesday Mar 06, 2024

In this episode of the Backlash Podcast, we embark on an exciting foray into the world of muskie fishing, alongside renowned musky fisherman and organizer of the Wisconsin Musky Expo – Rich Reinert. We delve into diverse topics – from muskie stocking and selection of quality fishing gear to the imperativeness of funding and support for fisheries. Over the course of this engaging conversation, we uncover invaluable insights and unique perspectives on everything muskie-fishing related, alongside the vibrant and often complex world of the muskie fishing industry.
As we approach the highly-anticipated Minnesota Muskie Expo, we cordially invite our listeners to join us over an enriching weekend filled with live podcast sessions and meaningful interactions with fellow muskie enthusiasts. For those unable to make it, rest assured, we are working to enhance our Facebook Live sessions to amplify your at-home experience.
The essence of this episode is accentuated with unique anecdotes reflecting the hosts' passion and dedication to the craft of muskie fishing, coupled with their experiences with vintage rods and reels. The episode draws attention to various pioneers and new entrants in the industry, emphasizing the significance of innovation, entrepreneurship, and sustainability in enhancing the trajectory of muskie fishing.
Concluding on a note of excitement, we lure the listeners into the upcoming Wisconsin Muskie Expo and take them on a nostalgic trip with reflections on the old Abu Garcia 6500 C4 at the host's home bar. Tune in to explore more about the rich history, exciting present, and promising future of muskie fishing, with a blend of seasoned professionals, novel insights, and light-hearted humor.

Episode 260 - Michael Hanson

Wednesday Feb 28, 2024

Wednesday Feb 28, 2024

In this episode of the Backlash Podcast, dive deep into the enthralling world of Muskie fishing with an array of seasoned anglers and enthusiasts. Featuring Paul Hartman, organizer of the Minnesota Muskie Expo, and Michael Hanson of Namakagan Area Guide Service, the episode offers a wealth of knowledge into the fascinating Muskie fishing arena.
Listeners can look forward to understanding the process, art, and science of Muskie fishing with insights into fishing lures, changing water temperatures, techniques, and tales from various fishing expeditions. The episode also incorporates a discussion with Brad Hoppe, known for his humor-filled anecdotes about past events and his zealous anticipation for the upcoming Muskie Expo.
Also, the episode talks about the journey of a successful Muskie fishing guide, discussing the challenges and victories in establishing a clientele base and fishing in Northern Wisconsin. Moreover, important aspects such as understanding the nature of the lakes you wish to fish from, and the differences between shallow and deep fishing are explored in a lucid, engaging manner.
The episode puts forth a comprehensive guide to Muskie fishing straight from the experiences of passionate anglers. Plus, it contains a discussion on the strategies for successful Muskie fishing, the nature of Muskie fish, and how various factors can impact the overall fishing experience.
Whether you're a seasoned angler or a fishing enthusiast, this episode is a treasure trove of knowledge and insights into the world of Muskie fishing. Don't miss out on this opportunity to sharpen your skills and fuel your passion for Muskie fishing.

Wednesday Feb 21, 2024

Engage with a fascinating roundtable discussion at the Milwaukee Muskie Expo in this episode of the Backlash podcast. Listen to experienced fishing guides and enthusiasts share their extensive knowledge about muskies, their guiding routines, and their insights from participating in various fishing tournaments. Learn about different fishing strategies, handling fish effectively, managing fishing pressure and the ethics of retaining a potential record-breaking catch. Tune in to a captivating discussion that transcends the sport, delving into personal views, the significance of personal satisfaction vs public recognition and the moral dilemmas that accompany the desire to set records.Enjoy anecdotes from seasoned Muskie fishing enthusiasts and learn about the tactics, tricks, and adaptations necessary for navigating southern pressured waters successfully. Listen in as they discuss favorite fishing spots, custom bait selection, and unique methods required to deal with seasonal changes. Discover the influence of high-traffic boat areas on fish behavior and how to adjust your strategy accordingly. Don't miss the chance to hear about often overlooked spots and how to break free from usual fishing spots and patterns.Get valuable insights straight from the experts about bait selections, fishing at different times of the year, and mastering the tactics of top tournament anglers. Learn how to read fish behavior, cover large amount of water quickly, identify the best fishing spots, and more. Hear about the importance of community in fishing and how learning from others can dramatically improve your skills.This deep dive into the art, philosophy, and psychology of fishing provides crucial strategies and insights for everyone from rookies to experienced anglers. Listen in to enrich your fishing experience and increase your catch rate at your next fishing trip!

Episode 258 - New Beginnings

Wednesday Feb 14, 2024

Wednesday Feb 14, 2024

Welcome to another riveting episode of the Backlash Podcast, where we delve headfirst into the intriguing muskie industry with our distinguished guests, Chase Gibson and Jeff Schulte. Listen as we peel back the layers of this unique industry, offering our winter-time listeners fascinating insights into what truly stirs the waters of the muskie market.Join us on an unexpected adventure in the upcoming Milwaukee Muskie Expo, and be part of our first-time attempt at a live Facebook Q&A. We also have huge news to share as our guest, Chase Gibson, announces his decision to pass on the Muskie Bumper business to good friend, Jeff Schulte. Hear Gibson explain why he's letting go and his ambitious future plans in the muskie industry.This episode is teeming with inspiring discussions about entrepreneurial challenges, life-changing decisions, and the fascinating mechanisms behind a profitable Fishing venture. We also cover the delicate dance of maintaining work-life balance in a 24/7 business operation. Chase's candid recollection paints a vivid picture of the perpetual juggle between work demands and the all-encompassing allure of life on the water.We delve deep into Jeff Schulte's journey, where he efficiently combines his love for production with running the Muskie Bumper business. Learn firsthand about the ups and downs of operating a fishing business, the highs and lows, and the glaring epiphanies that come with navigating the entrepreneurship realm within the fishing industry.Dive into honestly shared insights about the demanding Musky fishing industry, including its hidden challenges, promising opportunities, and everything it takes to remain afloat. This episode is abundantly filled with encouraging anecdotes, amusing stories, and forthcoming future plans. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to gain a thorough understanding of the muskie industry and meet us at the upcoming Milwaukee Muskie Expo!

Episode 257 - Andrew Schiera

Wednesday Feb 07, 2024

Wednesday Feb 07, 2024

Join us for a captivating episode of Backlash Podcast as we welcome Andrew Schiera, a battle-hardened fishing guide and veteran of the U.S armed services. As the founder of Veteran Guide Service, Andrew walks us through his journey from a childhood filled with passion for musky fishing to establishing his own guide service.
Unravel the shifts in the fishing patterns of Fox chain lakes and delve deep into the changes brought upon by the revamp of the McHenry spillway. Learn from Andrew's expert musings on how these changes affect fishing habits and the growth of marine life.
We also traverse the happenings of the annual Milwaukee Muskie Expo, a haven for fishing enthusiasts to engage, ask questions, and get tips - thereby gaining invaluable insights into the constantly evolving world of musky fishing.
Further, join us as we explore the profound influence of technology on fishing practices, particularly the role of forward-facing sonar. Get a balanced perspective on the effects, potential misuse, and the consequential shift in the authentic fishing experience.
Closing with a series of thought-provoking questions, this episode provides a wealth of knowledge and insights for both novice and experienced anglers. Dive into this insightful narrative filled with wisdom, exploration, and expert fishing advice. Tune in!

Episode 256 - Steve Herbeck

Wednesday Jan 31, 2024

Wednesday Jan 31, 2024

*Please note, the description below was AI generated and we didn't just decide to use lots of words to make us feel more important lol. 
Welcome to another enriching episode of 'Back Lash Podcast,' where we invite musky fishing maestro, Steve Herbeck. Dive into Steve's captivating journey filled with piercing tales of health battles, lifestyle changes, and an untamed love for musky fishing. Discover Steve's profound knowledge of fishing as he shares expert advice on fishing schedules, diverse water & seasonal strategies, and exciting offer for eager anglers to join him for a fishing trip.
In this episode, we discuss the impacts of a year of low water on fishing and adaptability strategies to such conditions. Get captivating insights into Steve's fishing experiences across Wisconsin and Canada. Learn about all dimensions of musky fishing, the potential effects of changing water levels, and varying fishing techniques across different seasons.
For the ambitious anglers in our community, join us at the upcoming Milwaukee Muskie Expo. It's an unmissable chance to mingle with fellow fishing aficionados and participate in a live podcast recording at the event!
Whether you are an avid musky fisher, a casual Sunday angler, or a nature lover enticed by mastered skill stories, this episode promises a first-hand insight into one's love for fishing.
Get ready for a knowledge-packed discussion with the charismatic Steve Herbeck on the 'Backlash Podcast,' where we delve into the nitty-gritty of unique fishing tactics. From appreciating pre-season scouting to understanding fishing's weather dependencies, this episode is a comprehensive guide to successful angling strategies.
Experience a deep dive into the world of Muskie fishing. Explore the art of the bait, musing on varied topics from identifying specific feeding windows for fish to using a bait successfully. Discover more on how to adjust strategies to pressure waters and time your activities for maximum benefit.
Another fascinating segment of this podcast revolves around the evolution of fishing technology and its impact on anglers' habits. Navigate through great fishing stories, including fishing days that prospered despite technological glitches! Embark on a journey that gives you profound insights into the mind of an experienced fisherman and enriching life, nature, and fishing stories. It's a podcast episode you can't afford to miss!

Wednesday Jan 24, 2024

This week we bring you the episode we recorded live at the Chicago Show January 19th through the 21st. We want to Thank everyone who stopped out to see us at the show. We will do it again in February in West Bend WI for the Milwaukee Show. In this episode we have a guide panel and we have a handful of topics we discuss. Thank You all for your support of Team Rhino Outdoors, Musky Mayhem Tackle, and Back Lash Podcast

Episode 254 - Todd Young

Wednesday Jan 17, 2024

Wednesday Jan 17, 2024

This week we have a great conversation with one of the OG's in podcasting, Todd Young. Todd owns and operates Muddy Creek Fishing Guides and helps with Fat AZ Musky Products. We have touch on a variety of topics like usual. Come see us at the Chicago Musky Expo January 19th - 21st. We will do a live podcast on Friday the 19th about 7pm in the Musky Mayhem Tackle booth. We hope to see you there. 


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